Code4Lib 2019 Conference Code of Conduct Violation Report Form

This form may be used to report violations of the Code4Lib Community Code of Conduct during the 2019 conference. Submissions via this form will be sent to the Community Support Volunteers/Duty Officers, who will respond as needed to ensure a safe and welcoming conference for on-site and online participants.

Submissions are anonymous, and efforts have been made to protect the identity of users of this form. In particular, no server-side logs are kept. However, if you wish to be contacted by a Community Support Volunteer to follow up on your report, please include some way of reaching you.

Please tell us as much as you can about what happened. Some details to consider including:

  • Identifying information (name if possible) of the participant doing the harassing
  • The approximate time and date of the behavior
  • Place of the incident
  • What happened
  • Other people involved in the incident